I had an experience about decision making when working in retirement home last year. In that time, my workplace had no Covid case yet. I started my morning shift, and one of resident started coughing for a few time since this morning. Resident also complained that she felt tired when she woke up this early morning.Then, resident refused breakfast, and she slept all morning. I went to assesses the resident to check for vital sign, and head to toe assessment. Resident had low fever, and complained of headache. I immediately put resident on respiratory isolation, and told the staff the resident needed to put on isolation. Therefore, it turned out that resident had positive result for Covid. I made sure that all staffs put on PPE properly when entering the resident’s room. As a result, my workplace had only one case for Covid, and it had no outbreak at my workplace during that time. From this situation,I made this decision that based on resident’s condition. This allow me to protect other residents and staffs including family memeber from Covid effectively.