This is a great reflection question because it make us stop and think – something we do not always have time for when working in the frontlines.
Where I am working, mask and eye protection is still mandatory. While donning a mask is easy, remembering to have my goggles with me while moving around hallways/communal areas etc. has become a challenge for me. I wear prescription glasses, and the goggles on top pose a bit of a problem for me, meaning, sometimes I think I already have them on! I believe that being a role model for staff is very important so I have asked them to never be afraid to remind me that they are not on. In our daily staff change meetings we discuss key moments throughout the shift, PPE often being a hot topic. I would love to see signage stay posted for gentle reminding. I have have also set up short education sessions for all staff to refresh key points of donning/doffing PPE for specific client care. This becomes especially important when we are in outbreak. I think an important piece here is we are always working as a team – when it comes to the safety and prevention of infection we must all work together toward similar goals.