All 6 sources of influence are important and one can’t work alone without the help of others. However, I believe personal motivation comes first for me. Personal motivation to me means whether or not the individual wants to do something and believing in or trusting the processes. Consider the video about hand washing, yes hand washing is important but if one does not see the need or importance in hand washing, there is no way he/she will perform hand hygiene. It can be seen in the end that with all sources of influence in place, 1 person did not still wash their hands amidst all the influences put in place. For change to happen, one must be willing and personally motivated first.
Personal motivation has directed me to this leadership course I registered for because I was keen on improving my leadership skills as an RPN supervisor on my unit. I was not required to enrol in this course but I knew I wanted to learn and do better. hence, here I am. Once I was motivated, I believed I could complete the course. Seeing other members also in this course encouraged me to show up weekly, complete modules and engage in discussions. After completing this course, I earn a certificate in Leadership which I can go on to use to change my environment.