In my last RH nursing job, there was a time during the pandemic where our nursing manager left their position and the nursing team was left without a nursing manager for an extended period of time. This was an organization change that came as a surprise, and affected the leadership available to the nursing team, as well as culture, structure and human resources. I saw myself as an early adopter during that time- mainly due to their really being no other option at the time, but also because I am generally receptive to change as long as it is still supporting a healthy work and care environment for the nurses and residents/patients involved. After our manager left, the general manager of the home assigned each of the full time RPNs on the nursing team (myself being one of them) 2-3 tasks that were originally handled by our nursing manager. At the beginning, it worked well because the assignments were made with consideration of each RPNs personal strengths and skills. However, as the weeks progressed and weeks turned into months, further changes started to happen such as losing nursing staff or PSW staff, and the extra administrative tasks placed on the full time RPNs was causing a tremendous amount of stress and burnout on the entire time. Luckily, the nursing team was very vocal about our concerns and we stayed in great communication with each other and upper management of where our struggles were so we could receive the necessary support however it was certainly a very challenging time to navigate.