I believe all six sources of influence have a significant impact on an individual and can vary in their degree of influence based on the situation, however if I had to choose just one source that has the most impact on influencing me personally, it is Personal Motivation. Though in the video example, the children were not influenced at all by the personal motivation to not get sick, this is the only motivation that influences my decision as an adult to always complete hand hygiene in a hand hygiene moment. Furthermore, most of my daily decisions and even risk aversions all come from personal motivation of either to mitigate potential negative consequences or growth in a positive sense. An example of this for me professionally, is demonstrated by when I have adherered to infection control protocols in the RH setting during the pandemic because I didn’t want to contract a virus or infection myself and/or spread it to others around me, but also because I want to adhere to company policies and procedures enforced by my employer so I can continue to work – both reasons being influenced by Personal Motivation. I remember working with many co-workers that were skeptics of the severity of the virus in the beginning stages of the pandemic, and also hyper critical of infection control protocols such as mandatory PCR testing for employees or the mask mandate within the home. However, I personally did not subscribe to resisting the protocols as much as I felt that though there was a chance that the virus may not effect me very significantly if I had caught it, I still did not want to be responsible for passing it along to residents or my family- which is again choices fueled by my Personal Motivation.