Hi Jen. I completely agree with your concern for the increasing trend for PSWs or Unregulated health care providers to be trained and utilized in the RH setting to administer medications. While I can somewhat appreciate that the administrators that are involved in making these types of organizational changes are trying to assist RPNs during staffing shortages, I do think they are missing the mark when it comes to what type of changes actually need to be seen on the front lines in order to support RPNs and in turn, help RPNs deliver the best possible care for the RH residents. You are right, UCPs (or Med-Tech’s as the organization you worked for titled them) are not qualified or trained to understand how to monitor for effectiveness of medications and adverse reactions. I know this always made me nervous about delegation in the sense of administering medications during my shifts because I also felt like I was losing that face-to-face time with many residents, and I was becoming less familiar with their current health status and the effectiveness of their medication treatment that I would need to report to their family and MD. I too noticed a lot more medication errors occurring once this type of change occurred, which seemed to me to exemplify that a problem was not being solved (staffing shortages) without creating more problems (medication errors).