When I started working at LTC, I experienced new changing in this facility. This workplace used eMAR from pointClickcare to allow registered staffs to administer medication in computer effectively.Also,eMAR minimized the risk of error about residen’s information , and it was benefit to the residents in LTC facility. This changing was so difficult for me to change and adjust to new method to give medication. I used to work in retirement that used paper MARs last two year ago.Therefore, I believe that this was early majority for me to learn something new in LTC. At the beginning,I had a hard time to access and got in to resident’s information, and I spent too much time to learn how to use it properly. In the mean time, it was hard to remember and adjust to new technology,but I still wanted to learn new skills in this technology. After a few week , I started to feel comfortable to use eMAR effectively. As a result, eMAR allowed me to access resident ‘s health’s history and medications quickly that was benefit to the resident ‘s health condition.