An organizational change that was definitely interesting to adapt to was the transition to One Chart for the electronic health record. On the one hand, less paper was wonderful, but technology does have its limitations. A very recent example was the Roger’s outage last week. Code Grey was in full effect and we had to revert back to paper MARS and flowsheets. The transition itself was positive as it streamlined access to health records across the region. This improved care and allowed for some transparency between providers. I am of the generation where a paper copy at least is hard proof of documentation. However, over the last 2 years the efficiency of day to day charting and being able to review changes in real time has superceded any doubts about this new interface. In the bigger picture I would say I was an early adopter as I do believe in streamlining access to health services. It is ideal for all members of the care team to have equal access so that patient centered care is optimal.