I too agree that there needs to be more than one influence to make a difference, but if I had to choose one for the purpose of this module it would be personal motivation. As with most of us Covid has had significant impact not just on our careers, but our personal lives as well. As a leader in my facility my staff look to me not only for support on a day to day basis, but for their own personal motivation. My personal motivation was to keep myself, my loved ones, my residents, and my staff safe. In order for this to be effective I had to have the courage to be steadfast in my belief that all the rapid and pcr testing was for the greater good, and the vaccine was the means to the end of this pandemic. I educated, I listened to different points of view, respected individual decisions to have or not have the vaccine. We lost some great employees. I never waivered from my commitment to my unit and my staff. They were terrified, and a couple had one foot out the door more than once, BUT they trusted me and I trusted my employer to give us the tools, support, and education to help guide us all through very scary times. My personal motivation was to be the leader that could make a difference in people’s lives just by being there, appreciating each and everyone of them for their dedication to our residents. Literally putting the safety of our residents before our own.