My response to Jens post on how social motivation was used to assist co workers to make the informed choice to get the vaccine. You used your knowledge and critical thinking to implement educational moments during swabbing and after 2 weeks using Zoom meetings so staff could further discuss the pros/cons and make informed decisions. I am so happy that method was successful in your organization. Our facility took a different approach and made the vaccine mandatory for all staff. They did try to educate, but it was more a mandatory 8 hour day of making them watch videos. In no way shape or form is this method effective! People were very divided on whether or not they would get the vaccine, and ultimately lead to losing some terrific staff. Though we are still not out of the woods with Covid ( I just booked my 4th booster), I know first hand that they work.
It would be interesting to know how these discussions would be going if we took this course pre pandemic? It has saturated every corner of our lives for going on 3 years. This has been the longest 2 weeks of our lives ( reference to the first wave to stay home for 2 weeks and it will be over. hahaha).