My response is to Jen regarding overseeing Med-techs and medication administration. You stated this was 10 years ago. I am a unit manager on our retirement home. We have attendant’s not PSW’s, and they do not administer medication. My unit is unique as it is more acute care not assisted living. How did you, and a RPN, feel about unregistered staff administering medication while you were tasked with over seeing them? My unit is 34 and is very busy. I am curious what your role would have been, day to day, if the PSW’s were responsible for medications? The opportunity to hone your leadership skills at that time would have been awesome. I am not an advocate of unregistered staff being responsible for medication management, partly due to where is the accountability for errors. Does that fall on you at the charge? Critical thinking, knowledge, skill, judgement. PSW’s are pivotal in their role within health care but not medication management. In my humble opinion I feel this is a cost effective approach my owners of facilities but not a safe practice. Just my opinion.