I feel during COVID that the visitation policy on my unit (Palliative Care) has been a source of conflict since they began with restrictions. Initially when my hospital implemented the stricter guidelines, families would phone their Physicians quite upset, the Doctors (to avoid conflict) thought they could just write an order saying the patient could have visitors. What seemed like a simple solution ended up becoming even bigger problem when these families got to the main entrance and were informed that they couldn’t come in (at one point I was doing the visitor screening and I was verbally abused by a visitor so badly Security had to intervene and remove her from the building)

I feel that the restrictions, although suitable to the general population, were likely too strict for our particular patients, death is an emotional enough time. Had the Director, and Manager collaborated closer with IPAC and the Physicians group I think those early days of chaos could have been less stressful for all involved. As it stands they did refine the visiting policy for our unit, and made accommodations for those at the very end of life to have more people be able to say their goodbyes.