In LTC, we had a resident that had a history of being physically restrained while in hospital and this had been quite traumatizing for him. This gentleman was living with dementia and could be physically expressive during care if the steps outlined in his careplan were not followed. I was noticing a pattern of him being upset whenever the part time PSW was assisting him with his care on the days his full time PSW was off. When looking into this further, I found out she was having a second team member physically hold his hands during care to restrain him which she basically said was to make care go faster. I confronted this PSW 1:1 and also provided further education on dementia and how this form of restraint negatively affected him. We also reviewed the importance of careplans and where to find them. She was still afraid to follow the directions in the careplan but was agreeable to coming in when the full time PSW was working to observe. After this she became more comfortable with his care and was successful in following the careplan to support his care needs.