There was one interpersonal conflict I can recall that occurred in my last position in a RH setting. The issue was that a significant portion of the staff in the Wellness Team at this home spoke the same native language, and would speak to each other not only in the nursing station in their native language, but also whilst providing care to our residents, over the residents. This became a conflict when the staff members who did not speak that language, and only spoke in English whilst working, asked some staff members to translate what they had just said in one instance and the staff member speaking their native language felt offended at the request and essentially laughed it off. I had noted this issue many times as well and after witnessing this exchange between the 2 different sides to the conflict, I decided I did not want to say anything directly to avoid further escalation of the conflict between staff. For this reason, and due to the confrontation method of conflict resolution failing, the conflict was then brought to management. Our manager then had to hold a department meeting and review company policies in regards to professional conduct and languages spoken in the workplace. After this meeting, the staff members that were speaking in their native language did stop speaking this language in the workplace which demonstrated the Accommodating type of conflict resolution, and the conflict was ultimately resolved.