Working as an RPN supervising PSW staff on my unit, it is important for me to ensure that all staff have a good relationship so care can be provided effectively. however, being the youngest among the group, it is difficult for me to call for meeting when there is a problem. Currently, two of my staff are not on good terms or talking to each other. Staff A believes staff B is always demanding and wants things done for her. Staff B also believes staff A is not helpful. As of yesterday staff B’s dementia resident was at the nursing station while staff A was present. I noticed staff A ignored the resident in the nursing station and left the area without redirecting the resident out of the nursing station. Staff B was in the dining room for break and noticed staff A ignored her resident. I in turn, redirected the resident out of the nursing station, took her to her room and offered her a snack. The conflict remains unresolved. I believe the best conflict resolution in this situation would be confrontation. Both parties will be brought together, issues will be clarified and an outcome will be achieved. To do so, I will need the help of my RN.