This is a tricky question…while I fully support vaccines because that is something I am comfortable with, I do not believe that any human should be forced to be put something in their body. We always preach to our patients to be proactive in their care, be their own advocate and then something like a mandate comes into effect and that doesn’t matter anymore? I found it hard to say one thing, and believe another. That being said, whenever possible, I think its fair to have a policy such as the hospital policy I encountered for the flu shot. It was optional, however if someone chose not to get the vaccine, a mask would be worn the duration of shift, and if that worker called in sick, it would be unpaid as per the policy. At the end of the day, most people are going to get vaccinated and those who do not, it is not my job to change their mind but to be there for education and answer questions to the best of my ability when able.