On day shift in the LTC I worked at we would let our residents wake naturally (we found this greatly reduced behaviours) and provide meals when they were ready. Breakfast would begin at 8:30 and most days about 15 residents were in the dining room at this time. Because of this approach, we would usually just need 1 PSW and 1 additional team member of any discipline (this would often be recreation or BSO) to help in the dining room. Unfortunately, this often resulted in the same PSW being in the dining room while the other 2 continued to provide care. The PSW was understandably becoming increasingly upset about this but had not verbalized this to anyone. One day she was quite angry during morning report and expressed the feelings she had been avoiding sharing wanting to avoid conflict. The 3 PSWs and myself huddled right then to Collaborate and work together to develop an optimal outcome. Ultimately we landed on a daily rotation based on their dedicated care lines. Over time we continued to refine this approach and when I had left LTC it was a very smooth process that everyone was content with as everyone took their turn evenly.