There was one conflict that I was involved in my workplace at LTC. It was outbreak at workplace for Covid last year. I worked in afternoon shift with co-RN. At lunch time, co-RN told PSW that one of residents could come out from isolation due to resident had no sign and symptom of Covid. However, I reported to RN that resident still had dry coughing and nasal congestion. Therefore, we decided that resident should remain in her room in order to observe the sign and symptom. PSW was so upset that we decided to keep the resident in the room. Therefore, PSW talked behind our back that nurses should get thing together , and it wasted her time to take the resident in and out from the room. RN and I heard what she said, and we asked her what she said. PSW ignored our question and walked away. This behaviour was inappropriate. We brought this up to manager and we had meeting with PSW. In this case we could send the PSW home if she did not want to work as per manager. Therefore, RN and I had meeting with PSW in private room, and asked her if she wanted to continue working until the end of this shift. PSW apologized to us , and she stated that she did not like to put PPE on every time she entered the resident’s room. This made her feel frustrated and got angry when we decided to keep the resident in the room. I explained to PSW that we had to make sure that all staffs followed the protocol and policies for outbreak. This way all staffs could protect residents and their own family. As a result, PSW understood and wanted to continue working. Therefore, this issue was solved in that day at once. From this situation,I did not want to have any conflict with staff, but I needed to make sure that all staffs followed the protocol to save everybody from Covid effectively.