A few month ago,I was involved a productive work conflict when I worked at LTC. This event happened in the evening shift on the weekend.My workplace had screener person who did rapid test and screen for Covid outbreak for all staffs and family member before entering the building during the day. However,we had no screener after 1630hr. , and registerd staffs had to do the screening to everybody who came to the building as per manager. It was a busy day on the weekend. I had to open the door every 30 minutes while I was doing the meds pass to the residents for supper. This was difficult for me to give medication with 45 residents, and did the screening in the same time. I brought up this problem to manager that I had a hard time to finish meds pass due to I had to do the screening task.First, manager disagreed to allow non-registered staffs to do the screening . Then, all nurses explained that it was not good to the answer the ring bell when nurse was doing the meds pass together. All of us could make medication error or any problem to the resident’s when we got distraction from something else. I suggested to the manager that all non-registered staffs could get training how to do screening effectively. Finally, this problem was solved , and manager agreed to allow PSW to get train as screener to help registered staffs. Therefore, this example was product conflict for me.