This is probably one of the most thought-provoking questions we’ve had yet in this course. According to WHO ethical decision making regarding covid vaccine, healthcare workers had many factors to consider when it came to mandating. One of the points I read that resonated with me is that healthcare workers have the ethical obligation to not do harm to their patients. I believe everyone who has entered the career of healthcare and specifically nursing feels an onus to care for and protect and advocate for their patient. We don’t explore ethics to a wide degree in college or university. Being able to experience a pandemic situation has definitely given us all an experience with ethics and Healthcare.
There are so many personal factors when deciding whether or not to take a vaccine. Due to the urgency of the pandemic there really hasn’t been time to research, reflect and to be able to truly understand the long-term effect from being vaccinated as well as from not being vaccinated. As a manager during the pandemic I felt it was important to validate every workers concern, to hear them out, to support the right to choice as well as balance the implemented mandate policy for the company I worked for. This meant I spent a lot of time doing rapid tests for those who chose not to be vaccinated up until the company decided the action plan for those employees.
I don’t know that this answer really gives a definite view on vaccination. I support the ethical care of patients. I think it’s a more complex issue when healthcare workers are also the patients.