One interpersonal conflict that I can recall happened when I worked in a long term care faclity. One day one new PSW reported to me that one of her residents did not eat anything for supper. I knew the resident. She had aphagia and dementia. However, this resident did eat food when the other PSW who she was very familiar with fed her. I told the PSW this resident did eat usually, and could she tried again to feed her. This new PSW refused. Since I was busy with another resident , I suggested she might ask for help from the other PSW who was very familiar with this resident. However, she refused again. After I finished my assignment , I discussed this issue with RN , and RN ask me to show the PSW how to feed the resident. This time this new PSW agreed, and I showed her how to feed thsi resident. I feel this is a good way to resolve this conflict.