I scored 57 after completing the mind tools quiz on emotional intelligence. I was quite surprised with the result after seeing “Great, you are an emotionally intelligent person”. However, after reading what made me emotionally intelligent, I agreed on both my strengths and areas I need to develop.
I know I am extremely self aware of my mood and emotion as I am having them. Managing my emotions (self regulation) however, don’t come easy, especially when I am frustrated. It gets to me and ruins my confidence. From the quiz, I will learn to calm myself down for sometime and take a break from every and anything making me frustrated and just take a deep breath. I don’t think I get angry easily but my only bothersome emotion is frustration or when things don’t go as I planned.
With that being said, finding motivation after such is a challenge. I had an experience where I did very bad on my first assignment, as a result I returned to the class 2 months later because I found I thought there was now way I could bounce back and avoided the class because I felt incapable. After much time taken off, I made it through and passed my class. What helped me go back was me celebrating my wins from the other classes. I told myself I could equally do as good as I did in the other classes and I did. But, it took 2 months. In the future I will continue to celebrate small wins and learn to focus on what really matters to me when I set a goal.
As I believed, I am very empathetic; I have the ability to recognize and understand people’s perspectives easily.
Social skills is also quite a struggle for me. I am a very quiet person and try as much as possible to avoid any conflicts or confrontations. As a result, a lot of conflicts I’m involved in stay unresolved. I find myself uncomfortable in social situations as well as my confidence level is not the greatest. I am currently in the process of building my confidence by putting myself out there and offering to join in group settings. From last week’s module, I learn about conflict resolution and intend to use the knowledge I acquired to deal with conflicts or difficult situations effectively.