I continued to experience difficulty opening the quiz on both my home and work laptops and my phone…I completed what I believe is the correct quiz via Mind Tools. This quiz was slightly different than the other as it was scored out of 75 and contained 15 questions instead of 20.

I scored a 51 which indicates my emotional intelligence level is “OK”.

Self Awareness was the category I scored highest in. This does not surprise me as this was an area I focused on over the past year. I started journaling (albeit not frequently) over the pandemic to help myself focus on the moment and understand my emotions and response to them. This has helped my self-regulation and staying in control in moments of frustration or anger. My anxiety was at an all time high while working in LTC during a pandemic and through counselling I learned ways to work through these feelings rather than try to ignore them. In Motivation I scored a 10/15 – this feels accurate as I am only over the past year with a job change feeling more like my old self and wanting to improve my career and set personal goals. I scored well in Empathy and I agree with this. Working with dementia you learn to read both verbal and nonverbal cues a person is presenting. Social skills is where I scored the lowest. I have never been great at conflict and can be uncomfortable in large social groups where I do not feel confident. Going out of my comfort zone and joining new groups, taking new lessons, and just trying to broaden my experiences have all aided this and I am looking forward to future growth.