I can only access ” Theotherkindofsmart “for the Emotional intelligence quize. My score is 2/4, and it shows that I am struggling with how I feel about myself and relationships with others. I am aware of this and I am willing to make the change . I am not surprise about this score because I need to improve myself for emotional intelligence . Also,I am struggling how I feel about myself and other. I believe that I need to to improve my self-awareness as leadership. I recognize that my emotion can effect on my performance for work and daily living.

With my experience in the past when I worked in retirement home. Family member yelled at me when I called him and reported to him that his father had bruise area on his left hand due to his father wheeled the wheelchair. Family member was mad and kept yelling at me on the phone that I did not know how to take care of his father and let his father hurt himself. I explained that staffs attempted to protect his hand from bruise , but his father kept putting his hand on the wheel. I was so frustrated that family member kept yelling and did not want to listen to me. Therefore, I thought that he might get angry that his father got hurt, and I did not explain to him firmly. I believed that I might make him get more upset. Therefore, I did not know how to explain and control my emotional not to get frustration in that time.

Therefore, I need to improve my self-awareness to get better in my emotional intelligence . I will start to understand my emotional and being conscious what happen in this moment. In each day, I will think that what I should change or adjust to make myself better, and asking myself why I am so angry and frustration to other people when other people yell at me. Then, I will come back to look at myself when someone yells at me. Additionally, writing the daily routine and feeling about myself day by day can be another way to help me to understand othe people’s feeling. This can help me to have more understanding about my self-awareness. Also, asking for the feedback from other people how I perform the action, and this feedback will allow me to evaluate my performance . This result can prove to me if I am able to improve my self-awareness. If I understand and develop my self-awareness , I can understand how people react to my action. This can be a good start to develop my emotional intelligence. When I realize about self-awareness , it leads me improve for self-management that I can have full control of my emotion. Moreover, I am able to manage difficulty situation calmly and effectively.