Both of these quizzes were quite insightful and the questions definitely required some thought before answering. My scores were 4/4 and 64, but 15 years ago I know they would have been lower. I think working in Palliative Care has enlightened me in ways I did not know existed. I was young and naive in my mid 20s when I found my purpose in Palliative Care and learning to really listen and understand how to best care for my patient and their family is a life lesson that continues to shape my practice today. Learning to actively listen to a patient without interjecting with my own agenda or looking at my watch during a home visit were behaviours I never thought affected my care until a patient brought it to my attention early in my career.

Since then, I have found meaning in journaling and meditation over the years and am always looking for ways to improve my self awareness. Many of you have talked about how important it is to take care of ourselves and to recognize when we are not giving 100% whether it is at our job or in our home life. We come across so many different personalities and life experiences that it is hard to navigate the best way to build a therapeutic relationship. Over the years the concept of emotional intelligence was not given as much weight as it should have and I know moving forward in any leadership role, I will be mindful to recognize how valuable this skill is.