In the other kind of smart test, I have 3 out of 4. The scores indicate that I am doing fairly well. My self awareness and relationships with others are above average. And in the EI test, the result is not so ideal. My emotional intelligence level is “OK”. However , it is not a surprise for me. I get high score in self-awareness, but I have struggles in regulate my own emotions. Self -regulation is all about keep our emotions in control, which has significant influence in control of our life. I feel I tend to question my own values and blame myself while suffering setbacks. I sometimes feel so frustrated and I can not control my emotions. I think in the future I need to learn how to admit my own mistakes and accept the consequences whatever they are. I need to develop some skills of calming down myself, or express these emotions in a proper way rather than hurting other people. I will work very hard in terms of self-regulation, otherwise it will jeopardize my social relationship.