From an infection control perspective, I would not group this is idea in the realm of best practice. There has been a lot of ‘fudging’ of what is safe and best practice in many aspects of healthcare due to this pandemic, and I have found it quite scary, to be honest. I would have to agree that in the beginning, that there was an absolute panic to get vaccine doses out quickly and everyone was scared, many wanted to get a dose by any means necessary out of fear. This was happening to the detriment of safety and best practice, with a ‘take our chances this will be good for everyone’ kind of attitude. With respect to the pooling idea, i see the same kind of faults in how this is being looked at. Many of us know in healthcare that single dosing is best practice. Dipping into a dose multiple times or to give to someone else just increases the risk of introducing infection into the chain, and should be avoided where possible.