I have to agree with you Kiran when you said “though most of the managers I have had have many strong leadership traits, some of the strongest leaders I have worked with have not been a Manager.”

With my current role my manager demonstrates great leadership skills – she is knowledgeable about what tasks need to be done, she knows how to encourage the team and bring a positive attitude, she acknowledges and sympathizes with the team hardships however she has not been in our shoes so sometimes she does not know some issues we deal with. In addition, because she has a management role there are certain expectation she is required to meet as well. Meanwhile, there is one colleague that I currently work with in my team who demonstrates exceptionally strong leadership traits and skills. She has been very empathetic, she listens to anyone in the team and provides guidance on how to solve a problem by looking at the issue as a whole. She also challenges us by asking us to think outside the box when trying to solve issues.

Like what Sharon has mentioned, we also have to be cognizant that there may be certain constraints and expectations for different roles which could affect the way they are able to act as better leaders