After reading the article, I believe my “go-to” communication style is the “feeler”. I think this is my primary type of communication style because I like to try to imagine myself in people’s shoes – that way I can try and understand what they may need. As a program coordinator for oncology patients – I let my patients take the time they need to process what we have discussed and I acknowledge that they may be feeling overwhelmed. I make it a point to make the environment feel relaxed and pleasant so they feel welcomed to ask any questions or for any clarifications. However, depending on the situation, I also demonstrate the communication style of the “thinker”. When I am with management or when I join team meetings I find that I like to know the data or reason behind decision. When we have new projects – I like the process of working through all the details, the nuances, the ramifications, and implications of a decsion. Recently I had a meeting with our sales team, medical education team and doctors. During this meeting I presented a solution and included the reasoning WHY I made that decision and WHY/HOW this decision could improve an outcome.