Hi Kathy – your example really resonated with me . During placement for school, I remember getting paired with a nurse in a unit that was NOT patient, or understanding at all. It was my first placement location and only my second time on the unit and I felt like I could not go to her to ask for help nor did I feel like I was able to learn without being judged for my “lack of knowledge”. This experience really stuck with me since then. I remember DREADING going to placement and often I would cry in the car before I went in. This ONE experience shaped how I view working in hospital units and I was scared to work in hospitals because I started to think I was not good enough. It took me a while to gain my confidence back so now whenever my nursing friends tell me that they have a new grad they are asked to train – I like to use my experience.

I remember one nursing friend who was not thrilled that she has to train a new hire who was also a new grad – she said she’s already so busy and she doesn’t want to be slowed down. So I shared my store to remind them that we were once in their shoes and we need to remember to be patient and to be good mentors.