My current role is much different than the usual bed side nursing role. I work as a coordinator for a patient support program. Currently I joined a program within our team that just launched in July 2022. Im the coordinator for one of our largest clinics – I was told that I can expect the largest number of enrolments from them. As weeks passed by I noticed that I was hardly getting any enrolments from this centre. I decided to dig deeper to see “why” and to also find a possible “root problem”. I reached out to the clinic to set up a meeting. I also looked at our database to see when the enrolment started to drop and for which medication. After having our discussion and asking questions, I learned about the issues they are facing in their clinic ie. they are currently in transition to a completely new EMR, their nurse coordinator just retired and they now have a new nurse coordinator, IN ADDITION to the introduction of our new program . After gathering this data I realized the drop in enrolment (especially for one of the medications) is due to all these changes happening at the same time and they could not keep up. Plus some of our work processes was not helping their current situation. I decided to listen to see what is important for the clinic (Prioritization) and then I decided to speak with multiple departments (ie Marketing, education, and science liaisons) in order to come up with action plan that is specific to the clinic. Once I came up with several possible solutions, I laid out the pros and cons. From there I chose a possible solution that would best suit the needs of the clinic and I proposed the solution to my team and explained WHY this could be the best course of action. Fast forward to a few weeks later, I slowly start getting more enrolments and I have built a much better relationship with the clinic