Hello Everyone. My name is Sundeep Singh, and I have been an RPN since 2009. I have always worked in Long-term care since graduating. Since 2017 I have been working as the Behavioural Support Resource Team Lead, and starting in October, I will start my new role as the ADOC- IPAC lead for another long-term care home. I am excited to learn and increase my knowledge about Infection Prevention and Control. During the pandemic, I had a colleague who had to be reminded to wear her PPE during her shift. We did PCR testing twice a week during the first phase. No visitors were allowed into the facility during that time. That week, her first PCR returned negative, and the second one was positive. As per Public Health recommendations, we put all 32 residents she looked after in isolation. Within ten days, 22 out of the 32 residents were positive for COVID. Unfortunately, we did lose 8 of those 22 residents. The outcome was that our facility went into a home-wide outbreak due to staffing shortages and staff allocations to different units. Following IPAC protocols and PPE is essential to ensure everyone’s safety.