Hi everyone! My name is Samantha and I have been an RPN for 9 years and worked as a PSW for 8 years prior. I have 2 kids ages 8 & 9, and 2 dogs (1 is a shih tzu x maltese and the other is a german sheapard x lab). I’ve spent over 10 years working full time between LTC and retirement, and then the past 5 years working part time on and off doing home care working with clients who have high medical needs. I am in the hiring process of starting back up again working in LTC and retirement and feel like this leadership course could greatly benefit me. I remember being a PSW and how much my shifts were positively impacted when there was a strong leading nurse on the floor. I also think that learning good leadership skills can benefit me and other areas throughout my life and I am excited to learn more!