Hello, my name is Synden I’m looking forward to this course and new to this type of weekly posting and commenting of others.
I have been a RPN for 32 years, worked at both hospital and LTC currently in LTC, I am back up for the Q.I and Rai co-ordinator and Lead the skin and wound, falls and safety and continence core programs. Assist with rolling out new P&P and the education of staff. Very interested in antibiotic steward ship and looking to increase my knowledge in IPAC.
Working as a leader I find that this is so important to ensure we are following protocol and it can be easy to “turn a blind eye” when we see others not following proper procedure. It can get frustrating ensuring families/staff wearing their proper PPE(not wanting to be the bad guy). When one of our out breaks ground zero was a resident that their loved one was sitting on their bed with no mask on and coughing 🙁 . This has reinforced our due diligence.