Good Morning Everyone

My Name is Katrina. I have been an RPN since 2002 and have worked in a Variety of settings throughout my Career.

I started my career as a LTC nurse, moved into a Manager position for a community agency for approx. 8 years. From there I taught the PSW program and also worked in the correctional facility as a staff nurse (This is were I found my love for Mental Heath and Addictions). Currently I Lead the ACTT (Assertive Community Treatment Team ) in the Durham Region.

I am excited to take this course as I feel it will help me to learn continue to develop the skills as a Leader / Manager. I oversee Nurses, Case Managers, Social worker, OT, peer Support Worker and a Vocational Specialist. We work very closely and collaboratively as a team.

I have a love for walking, as it relaxes my mind after a draining day at the office. I also have 2 dogs that walk with me (Kaleesi (Husky), Louie (LAB). I live in the country which allows me to have peaceful walks and the dogs run off leash an know all the neighbors around.