Two that come to mind currently would be the different vaccine policies that nurse are facing depending on their place of employment. As well as the current bill being reviewed by our Provincial Government in relation to LTC placements outside of patient/family location in an effort to offload the strain on our hospital systems and deal will ongoing waitlists.

I would say that I am ‘politically aware’ instead of ‘astute’ as I do listen to the news and generally keep up on current affairs. I could definitely increase my knowledge in how these policy decisions are made and implemented as well as reflect further on how this directly affects our patient base and our nurses on a day to day basis. Further to that I would like to increase my skill on taking that knowledge and putting in into practice as a way to advocate for improvements for both patients and staff in the process.

I think on a personal level we as nurses can all stay informed in both pollical and professional policies, asking questions and clarifying when appropriate. This increases our ability to advocate for our patients and for ourselves as professional. Participating in opportunities for advocacy groups and policy review in the workplace can help affect change on a larger level. Taking the opportunity to share our concerns with members of parliament and municipal leaders is a great next step for those wishing to add to their involvement. We as nurses have great insight to add to many discussion and need to trust that our contributions can affect change around us.