There is most definitely some differences in roles and responsibilities in most workplaces. A leader represents the organization, they inspire and influence their team members and get them involved in the companies visions and goals. The leader also leads by example to ensure the employees perform well. They work closer with the employees so they have more of a connection/relationship with them and develops employees trust. Leaders should be motivating, approachable, informative, ambitious, supportive and dependable with a positive attitude.

Management has a bigger responsibility than the leader. They are in charge of the staffing and retention, decision making and they normally oversee a supervisor an their team. They make the plans that the leader enforces to achieve organizational goals.

Both the positions are essential for a larger business to thrive.

From my experience, the manager is someone you rarely see. Our manager performs employee reviews and sometimes gets involved during rounds, they obviously have more responsibilities in the background most employees aren’t aware exist. Where our team lead always ensures she makes frequent appearances on the floor to ensure things are operating smoothly and jumps in to assist where she can during the week. We can always go to her for any problems that arise. The team lead plays a large role in creating a positive environment.