There are many difference between a Leader and Manager. I have worked with both in my years of Nursing and previous jobs prior to beginning my Nursing Career. Managers tend to “work in the Box” Leaders “see outside the box”
Managers often see problems, without thinking about a solution only thinking how they can fix the problem quickly. A Leader will take the problem and look at it as an opportunity to improve, they are visionary. Managers take a direct approach to staff . A Leaders will coach staff, they are empathetic, they will work towards solutions and resolutions focusing on the vision, thinking “outside the Box”
I worked with a Leader at my current position who would always approach our meetings together as an opportunity to look at what we can do to meet out strategic goals within the organization. We would discuss plans and options and he would listen and support my ideas. I made a change to the current structure with the team that I Lead to increase the client centered care, involving clients in the change as well (co-design) This allowed for not only the staff but the clients to have input in how they services were being provided.