I think that there are many differences between a manager and a leader and also believe that some of the positive skills and traits are used by both.

A manager’s main focus is on the whole picture, department and/or division and relies upon the supervisors/leaders under them in their areas of expertise, to ensure goals and objectives are met.
They may focus more on the bottom line, policy and procedure and data and/or budgeting.
They may bring forward issues/concerns and expectations to resolve; yet not bring solutions to the table, or participate in the discussion re: resolution, leaving that to those under them.

A leader may be in a more focused role/area of expertise and is reliant upon others in similar roles to make up the whole.
A leader is more focused on the smaller picture and/or individual employee and/or client and how to bring all together for a positive result.
A leader looks for others input, involves active parties in brain storming ideas for resolution of concerns or goal setting, willing to dig in and roll up their sleeves when required
They lead by example

I am fortunate to currently work under a Manager who is also a Leader.
She knows and understands our role as she had worked in this role for many years and recently moved up within our branch.
She is able to bring into her new role of Manager, the practicality of the day to day realities.
When discussing the data and numbers; she is able to explain rationale in a manner that we can apply to our individual employees and/or clients
She is open to our ideas and we end every monthly meeting reviewing any new ideas/projects/wish lists and then setting an action plan to work together to make it happen
She encourages us to bring forward concerns and will use examples within our group as learning opportunities for ourselves and those employees/clients under our supervision
She advocates on our behalf with our Funder and escalates and participates in any follow up required, including those very difficult conversations.
I have always felt supported, understood and appreciated with her as both my colleague and now my manager