I believe that leading by example and adaptability are important traits in a leader.

As my current role is supervising PSWs and Clients providing/receiving home care; I am often in the home with the PSWs for support visits, delegations, care plan reviews and assessments.
I often say that they are the eyes and ears in our clients home day to day, and acknowledge how much I/the company relies on them for their day to day care/support, observations and reporting of concerns/condition changes, etc

I need to ensure that I am arriving with my required supplies, equipment, PPE etc
I need to demonstrate to the PSWs and Clients that I am confident and knowledgeable in the care/support/services being provided and also be flexible to know when the ‘norm’ may not work for either the PSW or the client and be adaptable to both the PSWs input and the clients preferences, within the limitations of the guidelines

I often say that the relationship between the PSW/Client/Myself is like a Dance; sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow and sometimes that music may change and the tempo goes up or down, in the end it comes down to adaptability