I believe that self-confidence is the most important characteristic of a leader. Being confident helps you recognize and appreciate who you are, your strengths and what you can accomplish. It helps to keep you motivated when things go wrong. It helps you overcome anxiety and self-doubt. It helps to focus on your competence and capabilities. It helps build the trust of others and they see you as dependable.

Confidence is contagious. In the same way that confidence helps you, it will help your team to stay motivate and focused. Confidence is developed and as you have developed your confidence you can help others develop theirs.

I currently am a lead for a small project and when I come to a meeting prepared, confident and knowledgeable the meeting is more successful than if anxiety gets the better of me and I fumble around with words and thoughts. When I doubt myself, or forget how capable I am, others in the meeting question the process and the trust within the team begins to be questioned. Confidence reminds you that you can achieve your goals and allows others to be able to see your talents and skills.