IPAC Week 1 – Chain of Transmission

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Learning Objectives

The learner will be able to: • Identify the 6 ‘links’ in the Chain of Transmission • Recognize the factors and how they influence the transmission and spread of microorganisms • Identify what effective infection, prevention and control measures can interrupt the transmission of microorganisms.

This module will cover the following: Chain of transmission / How transmission occurs / Infectious agents / Reservoirs / Portals of exit / Modes of transmission / Portals of entry / Susceptible hosts / And Interrupting transmission.

Required Reading

Routine Practices and Additional Precautions – In All Health Care Settings 3rd edition – Basic Principles A-D; pages 1 – 5


Suggested Reading

Public Health Ontario IPAC Core Competency Course – IPAC Core Competencies are basic skills and knowledge all Ontario health care workers need to have. These courses will help learners improve their IPAC knowledge with the goal to help decrease the risk of transmission of infection in health care.

For more information: ipac@oahpp.ca

Chain of Transmission and Risk Assessment. This module highlights the Chain of Transmission, how to break the links in the Chain and how to conduct a risk assessment.


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