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      Provide an example of a time when you used CNO resources to support your practice or learning.

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      I just completed the PN program with Fleming college and I used the CNO website numerous times throughout my education. I used it for research, learning and as a reference in assignments. I still now in consolidation use the CNO website to refresh myself on different practice standards and guidelines as the need arises.

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      During the PN program, I accessed the CNO website numerous times to aid in assignments and to reflect on practice standards and guidelines. Now practicing as an RPN I still frequent website to refresh my knowledge and stay current and on top of standards

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      I have used the CNO website multiple times through out my education , to become more familiar with standards as well as using them for study tools for various classes and when preparing for the jurisprudence exam.

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      While in a classroom setting, I have accessed and used the CNO resources on a few separate occasions related to assignments or research.

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      I’ve used the CNO website several times throughout my education but also for my work. Most recently when addressing practice questions related to working with unregulated care providers.

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      Throughout my learning and practice as a nursing student, I have utilized CNO resources as the most credible source for information as it relates to nursing practice, especially, for research projects and assignments. I have also regularly accessed information from the CNO website during my clinical practice as a guide to continuously adhere to the rules and regulations that are set out for nurses.

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      During my time as a nursing student I used the CNO website to get information in completing assignment, research and projects. I intend visiting it more as i prepare for my Rex-PN.

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      Since first semester of the PN program we were introduced to the CNO as a primary resource. Whether it be for nursing care plans, group assignments (we did one specifically on ethics) and also are learning goals all needed to connect with entry to practice guidelines. To complete my jurisprudence exam the CNO website is what led me to success first attempt.

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      I used the CNO website severally in most of my Practical Nursing courses like my professional development Individual paper assignments among others.

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      I have recently completed my PN program at Fleming College. In my PAN class we referred to these CNO guidelines often. During consolidation I looked back to the Practice Standards often to reflect on my nursing experience in LTC (I completed my consolidation in LTC) I feel I will looking back on these often in my nursing career.

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      je l’ai utilisé à plusieurs reprises surtout en classe et mes travaux au collège

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      T he CNO website is my goto whenever am in doubt of my scope of practice or what is expected of me as an rpn.

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