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      Tell us about a great healthcare leader that you know and what it is about them that makes them such a great leader?

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      I had the pleasure of having a few different consolidation preceptors and they were all amazing. They all had their own way of doing things but at the end of the day they were all amazing nurses. My main preceptor was also the wound lead and auditor lead at the long term care home I was at, so I got to learn so much from her. The other great thing about being with a few different was nurse was that they all taught me different things, they all had different perspectives and they all were patient and kind with me. All of them were very knowledgeable, knowing exactly what their job entailed, knowing how to interact with the residents and were all valuable teams members. Thanks to being with them I feel I had a great well rounded consolidation that has better prepared me for the transition from student to nurse.

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      In my 20+ years in healthcare I was lucky enough to come across numerous individuals that were great leaders and I was fortunate enough to have learned many tools and principles that I carry with me now. One thing they all had in common is their patience and ability to guide others in their journey. A good leader is one that is able to effectively communicate and give constructive feedback without any demeaning context or making one feel lesser. They are strong in handling conflict and can offer resolutions.

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      I got the opportunity to witness a code blue situation. The leader I have chosen is the lead of that emergency situation. The RN had the ability to delegate and assign tasks with total calmness. The leader showed effective communication skills and expertise knowledge on the situation presented.

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      A leader I have come across as a nurse was my preceptor when I was consolidating in the PN program. She was patient and always willing to share her knowledge with me and other nurses on the unit. She was very kind with patients. I noticed that many people trusted her and approached her for help and I believe this was because of her friendly and supportive attitude.

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      I have admired some great healthare leaders throughout my work experience in the healthcare setting. I have admired an RN who I have worked with in the hospital setting as a great leader. I noticed how he always demonstrated genuine care and empathy towards his patients and the team members on the unit. It was evident that the safety of each patient and the quality of care provided were of paramount importance to him. He also communicated effectively with the patients, their families, and the team members; he treated everyone with kindness and respect. Consequently, such leadership style promoted improved patient care and outcomes as well as, fostered unity and trust.It was always a pleasure for me to work with such a great healthcare leader.

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      I would definitely have to name my consolidation preceptor. I completed my consolidation on a cardiology ward. I was coming from placement in a Peterborough hospital. When I arrived to the high traffic short staffed cardiology ward in Scarborough I was not prepared. My preceptor demonstrated work ethic unlike i’ve ever seen in these other hospitals. She had found the balance of addressing pt.’s needs while not killing herself in the process and this is what she taught me. She taught me how to save time with my skills safely, she taught me the critical thinking of prioritizing and triaging, but to me most importantly she demonstrated the importance of a team player. The multidisciplinary team worked together for each individual patients best interest and the communication between all staff was intertwined yet seperate to each individuals scope. My preceptor as well as the whole team set me up for success by identifying the multi hats I need to wear as a nurse and how to wear each one effectively.

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