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      You have a new patient that needs an immediate medical response. You know that you have the knowledge, skill and judgement to perform the needed controlled act. Can you initiate this action? Y/N and why?

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      Yes a RPN can initiate a procedure that is deemed necessary as long as they have the knowledgeable, skill and judgement to do so. They must also though consider any other policies or legislation that may require them from refraining to do so. The procedure must be within the nurses scope of practice and they must ensure that is safe and appropriate by: assess, identifying a problem, considering all other options, looking at the risks and benefits, making a plan of action, considering all outcomes and then accepting full responsibility. Difference between an RPN and RN in this situation is that an RN can write the order.

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      Yes, an RPN can initiate a procedure in an emergent situation providing they have the skill set and knowledge to safely do so. They must consider if within their scope and is appropriate.

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      After verifying the knowledge, skill, judgement and appropriate scope, yes the RPN can initiate a procedure in an emergency situation.

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      Knowledge, skill and judgment are essential when completing any nursing act. A nurse must have all three prior to initiating or performing an act independently. In addition they have to ensure that act is within their scope of practice at the organization they are practicing at. Ie. if there is training that needs to be signed off before completing an act for example IV insertion.

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      In accordance with the CNO (2023), RPN Scope of Practice, a nurse can perform a needed controlled act in certain situations providing that they have the knowledge, skill, and judgment to do so. However, in certain practice settings, there might be restrictions based on legislation or policies of such facilities.

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      An RPN in an emergent situation, may perform a controlled act if they have the knowledge, skill and judgment to do so. Some facilities may have different legislation that also needs to be taken into consideration but as we are governed by the CNO we cannot go above.

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      Yes, an RPN can initiate the practice if it is within their scope of practice. Of course, the most important is the knowledge, skill, and judgement while ensuring to follow company or agency policy.

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      Yes, as long as you have the knowledge, skill and judgement to carry out the control act. Also want to consider the policy of your agency if it’s within the stipulated scope of practice.

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