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      What were your results from the Emotional Intelligence quiz? Were you surprised by any? Do you see any areas that you may improve in?

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      My score was a 58 which stated I was a highly emotionally intelligent person. I was not overly surprised by this. I am a very good judge of my strength and weaknesses, I am constantly creating goals for myself and seeking out feedback on how I can improve. I do however struggle with not interrupting during conversations with people and I know with certainty that I can improve my active listening skills.

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      My score was 61 indicating that I am highly emotional intelligent person. The results were congruent with how I see myself. I have always been a person that in usually in tune with others feelings and emotionally well-being. I am fairly confident in my ability to read the room and how a person is feeling. My downfall is often I put my own aside to try and take in the emotions of others. I can improve on more self reflecting and learning to take time to be more in tune of my own state of mind.

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      my score was 52. it indicated that i was okay. but not highly emotionally intelligent. I need to work on conflict confrontation as opposed to avoidance.

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      My score was 56 indicating I am emotionally intelligent. To boost my motivation levels I can set long term goals that I can achieve overtime and find success in when I do attain them.

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