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      Consider one of the teams that you work in now. Are they high-functioning? If so, what are they doing right and if not, what areas could they improve in?

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      The team I was recently working with was extremely high-functioning and great to work with. They were all motivated members of the health-care team that show true kindness to all of our clients. They are always willing to lend a hand to a co-worker in need, even if it means cutting a break short. They are dedicated to their positions and it was an honour to work with that team!

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      It is so important to have a cohesive team as you described. The work can be challenging and stressful and having a high-functioning team can make a difference. It also leads to better patient outcomes.

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      The team I was working with ( during my co-up) was a high performance team. Effective communication was very important to the healthcare team, this helped them to prevent errors and sharing the responsibilities.

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      I believe the team I work with now is able to function effectively and efficiently. We all share the same goals and have the same outlook when it comes to patient care which is a great asset to any team. I feel our communication could improve as I feel sometimes things get dropped or lost in translation which is not overly difficult when you are in a long term care home with 42 patients per unit and 4 different units. However, I do feel this is something that can be improved upon and because our team is able to work together so effectively I believe this is something that we can achieve.

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      I recently changed my place of employment as previous workplace was not an environment where I felt supported by management. There were a few members of the nursing team that were very toxic and were not team players. This made the job harder to function as it increased anxiety among staff and poor communication. The management team seemed to never discipline or try and stop the incidents. They would take the complaint and do nothing to rectify situations.
      My current place of work is wonderful. It is run by team of management that always have the time to discuss any issues that arise and don’t allow them to be swept under the rug. The nursing team all work together in ensuring the best quality of care and help out others. Makes a big difference in work ethic

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      The team I currently work with is high functioning. Everyone works cohesively and helps each other out. Of course floor acuity, and staffing plays a big role in this. Although the floor can be pretty acute, it is a smaller unit and we are staffed very well so we all have the time to help each other out. Both the educator and manager are very supportive, they have a thorough onboarding program, which was not present on the previous unit I worked on. They also have lots of opportunity for growth and leadership within the unit.

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