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      Your Experience of Coaching

      • What has been your experience with coaching? Have you used a coach? Have you coached others or observed coaching?
      • What surprised you about what you read?
      • What are the implications for your practice?

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      As a nurse I have been put into positions where I would offer coaching not only to patients but colleagues as well. Most coaching scenarios which arised has positive outcomes. I have used a coach/mentor for some time in the past which helped me on my nursing journey.

      What surprised me about what I read is the role other healthcare assistants play when it comes to coaching patients about the their plan since this often not fully discussed with their MD.

      Ensuring our clients are present in their plan of care, as well as continue to follow along and be apart of the care plan. Family and friends can also take part to ensure the client is aware of what is expecting and allow a sense of understanding and independence.

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      My experience coaching has been when working in palliative care and coaching families on signs ti look for at the end of life. As well as what things look fir the client and how to best carry out their wishes.

      The implications for my practice to develop clear guidelines and structure on how to effectively coach patients to obtain and meet their goals.

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      Hi Danisha and Katisha,

      Thanks for your contributions to this module!

      Katisha, I really like the point you made about all healthcare providers contributing to the patients learning. MD’s are often very busty, and it’s great that we can all work collaboratively as a team to promote this learning. I also like the piece where you mention involving family and friends to promote awareness, understanding, and independence. I believe empowering patients, their families, and their friends to manage their care and navigate the system can help decrease pressures on other areas of the health system, and lead to better outcomes for patients as they try to manage their often chronic conditions.

      Danisha, it’s neat to hear that you’ve had experience providing palliative care, as this is an area that I have had notable interest in throughout my career as well. It is evident that you utilize coaching to provide client centered care and assisting patients and their families to ensure their wishes can be fulfilled.

      Great discussion so far! Thanks for your contributions. I look forward to hearing from others.

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      At first, my immediate thought was that I have not coached others before, however after reflecting, as a nurse a part of our role in providing care and within the profession itself requires coaching. It is something we do daily whether we are aware of it or not. Danisha provided a perfect example of providing coaching to families regarding end-of-life/ palliative care. I have also had the opportunity to coach families in the same regard working with patients with cancer. I have also been a coach/mentor to not only patients and their family members but to new grad nurses and colleagues when orienting them. I have not personally used a coach from what I can recall, but have observed coaching being done with fellow classmates in nursing school.

      I was a little surprised when the article discussed not invoking the TPN too often as it prevents developing a genuine social connection.

      In my nursing practice, it is important to include clients as well as their loved ones during the process of developing their plan of care and actively involving them as well. With that being said understanding and developing my own knowledge and skills on what I feel are the most effective ways to coach patients.

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        Hi Amber,
        I find it so neat that we may be engaging in coaching, and not even realize it at the time. When I was going through coaching education, I felt the same way at first – I didn’t realize that I was coaching until I had a better understanding of it. It really is important to include patients in their families in care planning and delivery, isn’t it? Thanks for your thoughts on this module. I look forward to hearing more of your experience, as well as others in our other modules.

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