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      Thinking of your current or a past practice area provide an example of the train of transmission specific to that area. Fill in all ‘links’ in the chain with an example for each link:

      Infectious Agent:


      Portals of Exit:

      Modes of Transmission:

      Portals of Entry:

      Susceptible Host:

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      Infectious Agent: Pseudomonas

      Reservoirs: Moist wound-secretions

      Portals of Exit: leaky dressings-wound secretions not properly contained

      Modes of Transmission: Contact-from one person to another through contaminated hands, equipment, or surfaces

      Portals of Entry: break in skin/ wounds, medical equipment that aren’t properly cleaned/hand hygiene

      Susceptible Host: immunocompromised, aging resident with open wounds

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      Infectious agent: bacteria E.coli
      Reservoir: G I tract
      Portal of exit: Anal
      Mode of transmission: back to front wiping
      Portal of entry: Urethra
      susceptible host: people (women)

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      Infectious Agent: Covid 19
      Reservoir: staff, family, surfaces
      Portal of Exit: Mucous membranes-coughing/sneezing , touching
      Modes of Transmission: Droplet, clients, contact person to person -surfaces
      Portals of entry-Respiratory, mucous membranes
      Susceptible Host-all people, elderly, young children, compromised.

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      Maria Sandra

      Infectious Agent: VRE

      Reservoirs: Staffs, residents LTC, hospitals, surfaces (beds)

      Portals of Exit: fluids, secretions, soiled areas, contaminated hands

      Modes of Transmission: contact

      Portals of Entry:wounds, broken skin

      Susceptible Host: Health care staff, residents, visitors and compromised

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      I agree with you , we should do hand washing in proper way , and another important thing is , make sure when we are sick be more cautious at work . Either stay home till getting better or use proper PPE .

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        Hi Nahid,

        I agree with you. Hand Hygiene is crucial. I complete hand hygiene audits several times a week at work and I have had to provide 1:1 education with the staff. I also hear about staff coming in to work despite being sick. I agree with that you the person should stay home until they are better.

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      Infection agent: Covid 19

      Reservoir: resident with COPD

      Portal of exit: respiratory secretions

      Mode of transmission:expose to respiratory fluids

      Portal of entry:airborn pathogen when sick person for example sneezing or coughing

      Subscribe host: immunocompromised persons

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      Infectious Agent: Clostridium Difficile

      Reservoirs: commodes, toilets, bathtubs that are contaminated

      Portals of Exit: feces

      Modes of Transmission: touching surfaces that are contaminated with feces and then touching the mouth

      Portals of Entry: mouth

      Susceptible Host: long-term use of antibiotics, consuming infected food or water; an immunocompromised person

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      Great discussion everyone. I really like to see you engaged with your fellow professionals. As nurses, we can always learn from one another.

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      MRSA example has been one of the nosocomial infection that I have seen in hospital setting because it spread by direct contact with contaminated hands. So the 4 moments of hand hygiene, cleaning equipment after each use and educations staff will help to prevent the spread of the bacteria.

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      Going through the last few years has made me and others I am sure more cautious at home related to cleaning of high touch surfaces like light switches etc on a daily or more basis. As well working in the community cleaning of our vehicles high touch areas.

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      Maria Sandra

      Hi Tina, I also think it is important to maintain a good hygiene such as hand washing, cleaning of high touch surfaces on a daily basis, not only in our workplace, also at home.

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      I agree, one positive outcome is how even stores are more cautious and routinely have hand sanitizer and spray to keep the carts clean. I feel covid has increased the general publics knowledge on I.C.

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