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      Thinking of your current or a past practice area provide an example of the train of transmission specific to that area. Fill in all ‘links’ in the chain with an example for each link:

      Infectious Agent:


      Portals of Exit:

      Modes of Transmission:

      Portals of Entry:

      Susceptible Host:

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      Resident on isolation with parainfluenza:

      Infectious agent: parainfluenza

      Reservoirs: resident and their environment (room and contents)

      Portal of exit: other staff, wandering residents, family member who come to visit
      Items removed from environment (dirty linens, food containers)

      Mode of transmission: staff (hands), inanimate objects (drinking glasses), infectious resident clothing

      Portal of entry: passed by staff to others (residents, other staff)

      Susceptible host: other residents, staff, visitors

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