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      Reflection activity: Thinking of your current or a past workplace provide specific examples of each hierarchy of control – see Appendix B.

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      Maria Sandra

      Example of my previous workplace.
      Covid-19 positive. (first outbreak)
      Elimination: Quarantine, and isolation 15 days.
      Substitute: Remote work, online meetings.
      Engineering Controls: Ventilation ( open windows ).
      Administration Controls: surgical mask indoor or density places, and social distance.
      PPE: wear a mask properly, face shield, and a proper hand washing or hand rub with alcohol-based.

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      Elimination- Using one time suture removing kit / using disposable dressing . trays.
      Substitution – Autoclaving medical instruments

      Engineering Controls – Isolated infected resident

      Administrative Controls – Passive: signage & PPE supplies outside of the . resident’s room
      -Active: staff training on point of risk assessment / . don & doffing education
      Personal Protective Equipment – gloves, gowns, N95 mask, eye protection

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        Isolating infected resident was the most preventable measure to reduce the spread of any infection. Donning and Doffing educations also was helpful to our staff even though it was not always respected in certain areas. Some staff stated that it took time and they fall behind with the workload. Will always continue to educate.

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      Elimination-Support Housing program –errands/grocery shop for clients. Stopped in early stages of covid. Increase risk to staff.

      Substitution- assisted with online/telephone orders. Grocery stores delivered within reason. Family assist. The Community Supports division also started up volunteer drivers for delivery.

      Engineering Controls-Plexiglass in our medical areas/reception

      Administrative Controls-policies, procedures, followed LTC guidelines in the community, active screening, Public health guidelines -education to staff and clients/memo

      PPE-updated mask fit testing, N95, goggles, gowns, gloves, disposable shoe covers

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      Elimination: Medical equipment sterilization ( Forceps, scissors)
      Substitution: Video conference for care plan meetings
      Engineering controls: Glass Barriers to sitting areas and ABHR in each room
      Administrative controls: IPAC education, active screening residents through vital sign and Covid symptoms.
      PPE: Gown, Gloves, N95 mask and face shields with training of proper donning and doffing.

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      Example of workplace Hierarchy infection control: we had few times out break for covid 19

      example of Elimination: postpone event like nursing week, nursing appreciation, remote some of our meeting, physical distancing for staff in break time ,separate staff ‘s room for each floor

      Example of Substitution: some staffs worked remote and online ,do some virtual care, and use secure conversation with physician , using videos for learning

      Example of Engineering Control: using mask and face shield all the time from entering to the end of shift during out break , using fan, ventilator ,isolating sick people, using disposable dish , separate their garbage

      Example of Administrative Control: test covid 19 for everybody in entrance , check temperature ,and check two times for residences , using proper hand hygiene ,sanitizing all surfaces , written and post procedures

      Example of PPE: using N 95 during outbreak all shift, using face shield , gown , gloves, using sanitizing for resident ,using goggle

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      Yes Fatimata , isolating infected resident is one of most important measure to reduce of spreading of infection, but it is not easy to isolate resident with dementia. In pandemic, we had extra staffs just to make sure infected residents are properly isolated .

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      To those of you who are completing this module, is this providing any new information? Is this information something you were aware of? I just like to hear from you

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        I Find looking at the “Hierarchy of Controls” enables us to put what we know in categories, This template is something I have not seen before, but with further research I see it is used in a variety of settings to ensure risk for exposure is reduced.

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      we already follow all steps, but in this format and classification is kind of new information for us.

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